Working on the front line to challenge animal abuse

A safe haven for 1 000 animals every night.
Responding to more than 6 000 welfare reports every year.
Treatment and rehabilitation for hundreds of seriously injured and sick animals.
Working to enforce and improve the law.

Care in the community – making change happen

Working with communities for animal and human health.
Vaccinating and treating animals to prevent rabies and other serious diseases.
Sterilisation of homeless and community animals to control populations humanely.
Working with community volunteers to educate, inform and provide practical help.

KSPCA is a membership organisation, 100% funded by public fundraising.

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How we work

At KSPCA, we work with the support of people and groups who care about animals and communities. Every effort and resource we have goes into making a positive impact on animal and community well-being

Adopt a pet

We know that bringing a new dog, puppy, cat, kitten or other small animals into your home is an important decision, and we are here to help you with that process.

Support our work

KSPCA is entirely funded by private individuals and organizations, ensuring that every cent goes directly towards actions for animal and community welfare. Visit our website, click on the donation button, and choose your preferred payment method to support our mission.

We’re determined to make a difference

Animal diseases and over-population are serious problems in Kenya, with as many as 2,000 people dying of rabies annually, according to the CDC. But these problems are preventable through work to vaccinate and sterilise animals. We are on the front line in communities delivering these services. As a nation we face serious development challenges, but we Kenyans value our animals and rely on them for our livelihoods, food, security and friendship. Our lives are richer and safer if we can work and live together with happy, healthy animals.​

Practical action to make a lasting change

On the frontline for animal welfare

Community based animal welfare


Working animal welfare

Humane slaughter





Shelter and rehoming

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